Whatever Happened To Simon

Computer games these days, what are they all about? Interaction, the quality is almost film like, animation and effects to die for.

Nothing however, will come close to the greatest interactive game ever designed, still a design classic today.main

Simon, the first of the modern interactive computer games was a 4 coloured circle that lit up in a sequence of continual flashing lights and noises. You had to memorise the sequence and press the colours accordingly. It was a ‘brain teaser’, these days they would call it an educational tool. To us it was a little bit of witchcraft, shit witchcraft obviously, and it soon got boring.

Perhaps that’s why it didn’t really get the respect or longevity it deserved though it certainly paved the way for many games that followed.

Those jolly nice folk at snollygoster  have created a hand drawn tribute t-shirt that would make a great gift for any retro fans of cool things from our past.

You should take a look at some of their other stuff, it’s pretty amazing, great gift ideas you won’t find on the High Streets, all tastefully done for people like you who want to buy things that are a bit different to the mainstream.

just go to


and check them out.

By the way, did you know the world record for consecutive hits on ‘Simon Says’ was set in 1985 in China by mathematician Young Chow Mein. He clocked an impressive 11,674 in a row. The UK record is 17.

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Leeds To Sack Manager

In Sports News there are strong rumours that Leeds United Manager Steve Evans could be about to be sacked. After going behind on his home League debut as manager against Blackburn Rovers after less than a minute, his dream debut quickly dissolved into an early Halloween nightmare.

images steve evans

Denver Colorado from Bet 365 said ‘Evans is 6-1 on to be out by half time.’

‘Bollocks,’ said Evans (pictured above).

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Runaway Blimp Is Officially Obese

Source: Runaway Blimp Is Officially Obese

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Runaway Blimp Is Officially Obese

‘Run for your life, the monster is coming, he’s eating everything in his path.’


The famous line from the Chewits sweet advert from the 70’s was almost re-enacted today when an overweight Blimp broke loose and terrorised a couple of things.blimp

‘It’s huge,’ said broadcaster Denver Colorado, as usual, always first on the scene.

‘It could have someone’s eye out,’ said cub reporter Austin Texas, second on the scene.

‘It will take some popping,’ said an onlooker.

Another great story from MMNB news.

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Happy Back To The Future Day – Fax For The Memories

faxmachineIt may well be ‘Back To The Future’ day and De Lorean owners try in vain to get their replica car to work for a day (a customer of mine nearly bought the original recently – is that a bit sad,or cool?) but predictions back then as to what would be happening today, 2015, didn’t all quite pan out did they?

Marty sure loved a Fax Machine eh? Technology isn’t always that easy to predict.

Does anyone still use a fax machine? Do kids today know what one is?

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‘All Time Favourite Football Team’ T-Shirt wins Award

Source: ‘All Time Favourite Football Team’ T-Shirt wins Award

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‘All Time Favourite Football Team’ T-Shirt wins Award

Those awfully nice folk over at ‘Rael & Pappie’, Rael, and Pappie  (aka Si)  have scooped another award.

Speaking from the ceremony at the prestigious ‘Westhoughton Civic Hall’, organiser  Austin Texas told the gathered masses,

‘We put a lot of effort into this event, people come from far and wide, and sometimes wider, just to be here. The annual ”best original t-shirt idea in the last year” award is always a highlight in our calendar, and once again competition was strong. Rael and Pappie are well known for their innovative ideas and their Football XI t-shirt is an absolute classic already. The judges were unanimous in their vote, myself, Denver Colorado, Memphis Tennessee and Terry The Tiler all agreed theirs was the best original entry.original_dream-team-all-time-eleven-t-shirt (2) grey

Everyone has a best all time XI don’t we? The fact you can now design that team an dsend it as a gift to someone special is a fantastic idea. We loved the hand drawn feel too, the Subbuteo men were something we all grew up with. It’s an all round winner. The lads deserve their award and no mistake, they really are going places those two.’

On receiving their award, Si (Pappie) from Rael & Pappie said,

‘We’re really chuffed.’

to see the t-shirt and treat someone special please visit

http://www.raelandpappie.com   and have a smile x

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