China Announces Rive Aid Spectacular

Global Fundaraiser Sir Bob Geldof has today expressed his surprise and also gratitude as China announced they are holding a Summer Spectacular Music Event with all proceeds to go to Geldof’s ongoing African projects.

Title quite simply ‘ Rive Aid ‘ the Concert will take place in the capital Beijing, at the Gok Wan Stadium, on Saturday 25th August and feature a host of China’s top musical Talent.

Event organiser Thai Kwon Do explained, ‘ China has recently come into some money, and we feel it’s only right to give some to needy causes. As a kid I loved the original Live Aid Concept and have been a fan of The Boomtown Rats for years. When I found out Bob Geldof was the singer, I nearly died. As a nation we have to show we are as one with rest of the world. This will be my legacy. We are calling it Rive Aid because we, the Chinese cannot pronounce our ‘R’ `s and ‘L’`s. It`s just easier.’ImageImage

Sir Bob Geldof added, ‘ I’m chuffed to bits. Thai is a lovely man with a smashing beard.’


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