You Cannot Be Serious

New ratings out today have proved what we all ( anyone who is bothered) know. Impressionist Alistair McGowan has lost the art of being like anyone he is trying to impersonate.

Years ago, when he was young and ‘hungry’ (metaphorically), one or two of his impressions were almost funny. These days, and especially on the new programme ‘You Cannot Be Serious’ he has taken the art of Impression to a whole new level.

5 Live Presenter Colin Murray is a Belfast lad, Northern Irish therefore. McGowan simply dilutes an Ian Paisley ( ask your parents young folk) and thinks that will do. It is, quite plainly, a) nothing like Colin Murray, and b) Rubbish.

For a man who makes a living by sounding like people this is ‘remarkable’. ( That was his Chris Kamara by the way). His Jeff Stelling impression was even worse. It isn’t enough when doing impressions, to find out where someone is from, for example, Scotland, Liverpool, Cornwall etc and do a generic voice and say

‘Hi, I’m Ray Winstone,’ in a Cockney accent. Not good enough Alistair. Your standards have dropped my ‘friend’. ( i don’t even know him). You are supposed to sound like the person you are doing. Y’know, if I shut my eyes and listen, I can tell who you are doing instantly! You mate (metaphorically again), poor.


I know you are worth a lot of money now but you should still be good at what you do. Don’t call yourself an Impressionist if you cannot be bothered sounding like anyone you do.

The best one you still do, and this is the clincher, for a male Impressionist, is Jo Brand. Flawless.


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