The View, The View, The View Are On Fire

As a true Indie kid I’ve always championed real music and been an avid gig-goer for over 30 years. It’s the one place where I don’t feel ‘old’ even though I’m usually surrounded by kids younger than mine. I still regularly go to gigs but Saturday night at Sheffirld Leadmill was a special night.

The View, a Scottish band from Dundee are probably the most underrated band I have ever seen.If you haven’t seen them I seriously suggest you do. I’m a veteran fan now, I’ve seen them six or seven times over the last couple of years, but for my wife Zoe and eldest son Rael, it was their first time. It was also Rael’s birthday, how many 24 year olds can still enjoy a night out with their parents! (his words not mine).


There was something special about the night, I felt something almost spiritual in a way. Daft I know, because I don’t normally go for all that. Watching Rael though, I realised what it was. He was born in 1988, tweve years from the end of the old Millenium, and here in 2012, on his birthday, we were exactly the same, twelve years into the new Millenium.

An exact symmetry. My thoughts went back to the moment the nurse literally dropped Rael into my arms, my son, and just left us. From then to now I have loved ever moment.

Coming out of the gig, smiling and watching everyone feeling the same, as the crowd sang the signature chant  ‘ The View, The View, The View Are On Fire,’ I realised I’d witnessed something very special. 


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Thoroughly decent chap who likes to create and make people smile. Proud Dad and Husband (published Author !) 'I Can't Fly & I Can't Swim' Love Music, Comedy, Writing, Drawing Have got a lovely range of Hand Drawn T-Shirts and cards which people seem to like. Hate Wasps, Dogdirt, Reality TV, Broad Beans You can see some examples of my workings at:
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