Bananas In Pajamas

May 5th, World Banana Day

Some Interesting facts about Bananas


invented in 1768 in Rotherham by William Threadneedle. He was a keen gardener and had already invented the Orange and the Lime. Interestingly, both those inventions were given the name we know them by today. The Orange is indeed ‘orange’. The Lime ‘Lime.’

He had wanted to call the Banana a ‘Yellow’ but it didn`t feel right. The word Banana was chosen after the Threadneedle family pet, cocker spaniel ‘Banana’,  ate four and threw up. The bile was a beautiful shade of yellow and smelt of bananas.


No-one has ever eaten 23 bananas in 15 minutes.

They are the national currency in the  Papua New Guinea village of Cleckheaton.

In 1953 the European Trading standards Commission tried to ban ‘bendy bananas’ in favour of straight ones. The plan flopped when people argued that bananas had the right to be gay, straight or whatever they wanted to be.


Unbelievably, bananas do wear pyjamas.


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