I Love Espadrilles

Had a discussion today (well, more of a heated debate actually) about the practicalities and importance of espadrilles as comfortable or even fashionable footwear. I hate the things. Or I thought I did. Pretty boys wear them don’t they. I was pretty once. Maybe that’s why I hate them. I’m not pretty anymore! I’m certainly older.

I admitted eventually that I would have worn them when I was pretty. And younger. But only as a slip-on, flip-flop style piece of footwear. Never with the back pulled up.

Dolce & Gabbana do one now that retails for over £250! For an espadrille!  I can buy them for £3.99.

I can draw them as well. All these are pairs I’ve seen grown men wearing.

i love espadrilles (2) - Copy

These 9 pairs added up to a total of £27.98.


About sigough

Thoroughly decent chap who likes to create and make people smile. Proud Dad and Husband (published Author !) 'I Can't Fly & I Can't Swim' Love Music, Comedy, Writing, Drawing Have got a lovely range of Hand Drawn T-Shirts and cards which people seem to like. Hate Wasps, Dogdirt, Reality TV, Broad Beans You can see some examples of my workings at: www.snollygoster.co.uk www.etsy.com/shop/snolbertogoster www.folksy.com/shops/snollygoster
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