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Kettle Bells

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Kettle Bells

700_yanagi-kettle-silverhand-bell-section_0000076203rickyExercise, apparently, is vital if you want to look and feel good, especially as you get older.

And the good news is anyone can do it. It’s not expensive. You can walk ! That costs nothing. There are apparently no excuses anymore. If you hear someone say  ‘I`d love to exercise but I haven’t got the time,’  just punch them.

Never was that fact more perfectly shown than today when the newly crowned ‘Idiot Of the Year’ winner Neville Blowtorch,

gushed at the Award Ceremony in Cleckheaton, ‘I`ve invested in some of those kettle bells.’

Me, I’m off for a glass of wine. x

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I Love Espadrilles

Had a discussion today (well, more of a heated debate actually) about the practicalities and importance of espadrilles as comfortable or even fashionable footwear. I hate the things. Or I thought I did. Pretty boys wear them don’t they. I was pretty once. Maybe that’s why I hate them. I’m not pretty anymore! I’m certainly older.

I admitted eventually that I would have worn them when I was pretty. And younger. But only as a slip-on, flip-flop style piece of footwear. Never with the back pulled up.

Dolce & Gabbana do one now that retails for over £250! For an espadrille!  I can buy them for £3.99.

I can draw them as well. All these are pairs I’ve seen grown men wearing.

i love espadrilles (2) - Copy

These 9 pairs added up to a total of £27.98.

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hurrah for cortez

I was just rooting through our shoe cupboard looking to make room. There’s an unwriiten law about throwing things out if you haven’t used them for six months or so!

Never in the memory of man could I throw out my old Cortez trainers, I went cold at the thought. Continue reading

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Bannister Renovates His Own Bannister

It was sixty years ago today that Roger Bannister became the first person to complete a mile in under four minutes. That much we know.


But in a bizarre twist, rather than celebrate the fantastic achievement on what is a very special anniversary, Roger instead had to do a little bit of home repair work.

Roger himself takes up the story.

‘I was coming down the stairs this morning and I slipped and my knee crunched against the bannister stairs, snapping one of the spindles in the process. I spent the day with a local craftsman, Geoff, a lovely man, who repaired it so skilfully you can`t even see the splice.



You could say that he was repairing Bannister`s Bannister!’   



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We Khan Work It Out

We Khan Work It Out.

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